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Slovakia is a beautiful country in Central Europe and is bordered by Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Austria. This amazing country is known for castles, caves, and many other folk architectures. You just have to visit this place and get connected to the roots of the country. Traveling to another country helps to experience new things and get connected to new people. These trips should never be neglected.

Local transport

There are various people who worry about traveling from one corner of the country to another.

To make it easy, you can either book airplane tickets at an economical price or include a whole Tour package that makes traveling easy. If you want to travel within the country without including accommodation and other things, then you can choose to travel via local buses, trolleybuses, and trams. You can enjoy your trip traveling in local transport or with your amenities booked at TripCorner. 

Where to reside in Slovakia?

Other than commuting, residing is one of the common problems experienced by people.

Well, while you book air flight tickets at an unpublished price, you can add your accommodations too, and this works in favor of the customer and helps to avoid the hassle of hunting the places to reside.

If you didn’t book accommodation then simply drop us a mail at and get your queries sorted easily. 

You can choose the below-mentioned places to reside:

·         Hotel Kaskady

·         Manor-house Mojmirovce

·         Grand Hotel Praha

·         Grand Hotel Kempski

·         Castle Hotel Galicica Nueva

Places to visit

When you book a trip, you definitely want to explore various places and there are some amazing places you need to visit. Ofcourse, TripCorner has got sightseeing covered for you, but people who haven’t included can choose from the below-mentioned places:

·         Kosice

·         High Tatras

·         Orava Castle

·         Bardejov

When to visit SLOVAKIA?

It doesn’t seem to be enjoyable unless, you visit at the right time. Hence, while you book your airplane tickets to Slovakia, ensure you do book as late as May or June.

You have now enough knowledge about the activities and places, simply book and fly away on an amazing journey. 



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