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Well, now that you’re here, let's know some of the highlights of Finland.


Finland is one of the beautiful places bordering Norway, Russia, and Sweden. This beautiful country is known due to diverse museums and fashionable Design districts that can treat your eyes. Also, you cannot overlook the wilderness with ski resorts and national parks. This country is also known as the Happiest country and known due to cleaner air and the education system. Other than this, many people know Finland due to Santa Claus Village, Nokia, and Saunas.

Local transport

Commuting within Finland is something that people worry about, but various things can help you. Helsinki in Finland has only trams and metro, but other cities and towns have bus services and this beautiful country can be well covered on the bus.

Where to stay in Finland?

Well, booking pocket-friendly airplane tickets is a different task, but looking after accommodations is a new hassle. While one does travel, we suggest them to book a TripCorner Tour Package and this helps them minimize the price. TripCorner assists the customer with affordable tour packages that help one to not worry about the accommodations. If you haven’t booked a Tour package, then simply choose any one place from the below mentioned:

·         Santa Claus Holiday Village

·         Santa’s Hotel Aurora

·         Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

·         Santa’s igloo Arctic circle

Now, that we have sorted everything for you, why not simply hop on the website and book yourself an amazing Trip. 

Places to visit in Finland

There are several places one does want to visit when they travel to such destination place. People who book TripCorner Tour Package can easily get the option of sightseeing and this helps to discover the roots of foreign places. You can consider places such as:

·         Porvoo

·         Northern Lights

·         Rovaniemi and the Arctic

·         Suomenlinna Fortress

These places are amazing and one cannot resist just looking at the pictures available online. 

When is the best time to visit Finland?

People book cheap air flight tickets to Finland to either enjoy the snow and winters or springtime. Depending upon your choice of weather, you can visit from December to March to experience plenty of winter activities and snow. If you want to experience springtime and the revival of nature then you can visit this place from April to May.




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