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Sundarban by River Cruise

Kalabagan, Sundarbans &Dhaka

5 Day Trip
Bangladesh Nature and Culture Tour

Dhaka, Sonargaon & Sriman...

3 Day Trip from $210* Without Flights PP
Dhaka, Bangladesh


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Travel, Travel, and Travel is the only mantra we serve our fellow customers. We understand the burden of travelling with airlines. People find it at the higher-end, but they’re not. You just need a good travel agency like TripCorner and design your trip. 


Traveling in-skirt is easy, but how about international trips? Don’t worry, whether it's a business trip or a family staycation abroad, we promise to assist you with economic flight tickets. Making your trip dazzling is our responsibility. People have lots of queries regarding the services travel agency provide. To keep it simple, we as an agency function to provide comfortable and inexpensive flight tickets, just a click away. 


USA to Bangladesh cost-effective airplane flights are available, it’s just you need to find the right option to book your tickets. TripCorner assures you to provide the greatest deals on international flights to Bangladesh. Being a South Asian country, tourism has not touched this part of the world. If you want to experience something, no have crossed yet, give a short to Bangladesh. 


Don’t know what to do, where to stay and many unanswered questions come to your mind? Check out the affordable packages provided with low-cost airfare tickets and get everything sorted. If your queries remain unanswered, ring us at 800-200-8747.

Now that you’re curious about visiting this beautiful country, know the other things of your interest. 



This country is to the east of India on the Bay of Bengal covered with greenery and waterways. People wandering through this country prefer using boats or cruise to enjoy the view. If you’re someone who doesn’t like waterways and wishes to fly, TripCorner has designed various affordable airfare ticket packages for you. Just book your tickets and fly. 

No one wishes to miss the charming sunrise, rumbles of the sea, and a long walk on the beach. A nature-loving person might never miss the chance to visit Bangladesh. 


Local transport

If you’re visiting this country to enjoy, then definitely try to ramble using local transport. The options that you can stick to are auto-rickshaws, regular taxicabs or you can even hire a bike or vehicle. 


Where to reside?

Though business trip flights at a discounted price are provided by TripCorner, doesn’t mean we have nothing for the regular people traveling. One of the best things about choosing TripCorner Tour packages is you do not have to worry about accommodations. 


If you want to experience luxury, then you can reside at Hotel Sea Crown, Saint Marina Resort, Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa Cox’s Bazar. If you want to feel connected to the roots of this place, then reside at Gol Kanon Eco Lodge, Hotel 71 Dhaka, Four Points by Sheraton, Mermaid Eco Resort in Cox’s Bazar, Nishorgo Cottage in Srimongal, and many other options can be selected while purchasing the packages. 


Things to do in Bangladesh

Alert: People traveling for business skip this section. 

People visit this Country to experience the calmness in the lap of nature. You should never miss visiting the places mentioned below:

·         Trip to Sreemongal (Tea Capital of the Country)

·         Tour to Old and New Bangladesh

·         A ride in an auto-rickshaw covering the highlights of old Dhaka

·         Exploring historical Rajshahi


When to visit this beauty?

Due to the tropical-sub tropical climate, the best time to book your air flight tickets is a nice and clear climate. During the later November and early March avoid visiting this country. 


Must try food

The authenticity of any Country cannot be gauged without tasting the food. Along with cheap air flight bookings, TripCorner assures you about the accommodation and other things. You can definitely try the food served at your accommodation or visit the nearby places and try foods such as Kachchi Biryani, Bhuna Khicuria, Patla Khicuria, Morog Pulao, Doi Chira, and Misti Doi.

If you still find any obstacle while booking your tickets drop us a mail at


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