Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. General Product Information

The vast majority of our packages are intended for the independent traveler, with the flexibility to select how many nights you want to spend in each city and the ability to create your own itineraries, selecting your own travel dates, list of cities to visit, flight itineraries, etc.

You may combine the following services in our vacation packages: international flights, hotels, local transfers, sightseeing tours, regional flights.

All prices are expressed in US dollars.

We do not charge any fees to book online or with the assistance of a live agent on the phone.

Some hotels at some destinations displayed online may not be available. We will not charge your credit card until we obtain your approval for our proposed alternative.

General Package information:

- Trip Corner.com reserves the right to correct an error in any price prior to your departure. The vacation package price does not include ground transportation unless otherwise specified in your itinerary or selected.

- Your credit card will be charged for the indicated amount only when all air, hotel and services are confirmed.

- Your credit card statement may reflect multiple entries, for example from an airline, a hotel property, tour operator, and from us but the total package price will remain the same.

 The airline fare is not guaranteed until ticketed and may change without notice. Therefore, we issue the ticket to lock in the fare. The airlines allow the ticket to be voided within 24 hours. If we are not able to confirm the room by the next business day, we will void the ticket and your funds will be refunded within 3 business days.

 - If a debit/ check card is submitted by the client we are not responsible for any bank overdraft fees or any other charges that might be charged by your bank.

- A "cancellation" is defined as any change made to the name of a traveler when booked (e.g. a change from "J. Doe" to "John Doe"), the substitution of one traveler in place of another, a reduction to the number in the party, and/or the termination of the entire trip. All other changes to a reservation constitute a revision.

- No prices, flights, hotel availability, rental car availability, attraction and service availability, or dates of travel are confirmed until a required payment is received.

- All travelers must travel on the same itinerary.

- Delivery addresses for bookings requiring physical documents must be street addresses. No P.O. boxes will be accepted.

- Electronic confirmation and documentation will be sent to the e-mail address listed on the booking form page.

International and Regional Flights:

Some fares may not accrue miles.

All airline tickets once issued are non-refundable.

We strongly recommend that you select flights with a minimum of 2 hours to make your connection time. Many flights displayed on our site will have much shorter connection times. You are responsible for selecting the right itinerary for you and we can't be responsible for any misconnections due to tight connections that might affect your itinerary.

It is your responsibility to reconfirm your flights directly with the airlines at least 48 hours prior to your departure date (outbound and inbound).

It is also your responsibility to verify luggage allowance with each airline. Please note your itinerary may include two or more airlines, and the luggage allowed on each flight may differ from one airline company to another.

Anyone under the age of 2(at the time of travel) is considered an infant and will not get a separate seat. The Airlines still require a ticket to be issued under the infant’s name and certain fees and taxes need to be paid.

Airlines occasionally oversell flights. TripCorner.com cannot be held responsible for these situations and will not refund moneys for such situations since they are beyond our control. Passengers need to present and resolve their compensation issues to the airline directly at the time the situation arises.

We will not refund any money due to passengers arriving late for check-in.

Passengers should plan to check in 3 hours prior international flight times and 2 hours prior regional flight times.

Passengers are responsible for verifying their air itineraries with the airline 24 hours before departure. We will not refund moneys for missed flights due to airline schedule changes.

Airline tickets - Missed or Cancelled segments.

If you miss your departure flight, the airline reserves the right to mark your ticket as a "No Show" reservation. No show = No Value. This means your ticket cannot be changed or refunded, even with a penalty. If you are on the way to the airport and feel you might miss your flight, you MUST call the airline as soon as possible to avoid this "No Show" situation. Once the record has been marked as  "No Show", we will no longer have any control in regard to the itinerary or any possible refund. It's also important to note that if you do miss any of your flights ALL OTHER FLIGHTS ON THE SAME ITINERARY WILL ALSO BE CANCELLED under the "No Show" policy.

 If you've made your departure flight, but you've missed your subsequent flight, you should immediately go to the nearest ticket counter of the airline. If you've missed your flight due to a problem that is within the airline's control, they should protect you on the very next available flight. If you've missed this flight due to something that is not within the airline's control (weather, air traffic, etc.) or due to your own fault, it will be left entirely up to the airline's discretion to protect you or not. If the airline decides that protection is not warranted, it will be up to the passenger to find their own way to their final destination at the passenger's expense. 



     Our list of available hotels for a city may change according to your selected dates of travel.

Our "Recommended" hotels list is determined by customer reviews and our team based on location, rating and value. We do not receive any type of compensation or incentive from hotels to be included in our recommended list.

You can sort our list of hotels by price, by name, and hotel class. As default, we show hotels sorted by price, offering the least expensive as the first option. We encourage you to explore other hotel options before booking your trip. Maps with hotel locations can be found in each of our Hotel Descriptions. Room (s) confirmed will accommodate the number of passengers included in your reservation. Bedding (number of beds in room and size of beds) is not guaranteed and subject to hotel availability at time of check in. Reservations confirmed as twin rooms will generally include 02 twin size beds and will accommodate a maximum of 2 adults. Reservations confirmed as double rooms will generally include 01 double size bed and will accommodate a maximum of 2 adults. Triple rooms will generally accommodate 3 adults and the bedding can be 2 twin beds + 1 pull out sofa or 01 double bed + 1 pull out sofa or 3 twin beds or whatever bedding is offered by the hotel itself. Quad rooms will generally accommodate 4 adults with a variety of bedding combinations (4 twin beds or 2 twin beds + 1 pull out sofa or 1 double bed + 1 twin bed + 1 pull out sofa or whatever bedding is offered by the hotel itself. Any hotel special request will be submitted by Trip Corner.com to the property but is never guaranteed and subject to availability at time of check in. Examples of special requests are: early check in, late check out, smoking rooms, non smoking rooms, bedding request (number of beds and/or size of beds), floor number, view (unless specified in reservation), etc.

If a non refundable property is booked during the booking process the client is responsible for the TOTAL price of the non refundable property that has been reserved.

For further assistance with hotels selections, you may contact our customer service representatives.

All hotel descriptions reflect the most updated information provided by the property. Trip Corner.com cannot be held responsible for the condition of accommodations. There may be charges applicable for some amenities listed in these descriptions as free, and availability may vary by season. In these instances, Trip Corner.com is not responsible for any charges incurred by the traveler in utilizing such amenities and client agrees not to make Trip Corner.com responsible for the availability and/or accessibility of any and all facilities and services at time of stay. Client will notify any dissatisfaction with rooms or hotel facilities with the hotel's management during the passenger's stay and will not make Trip Corner.com responsible for the dissatisfaction. Hotels, at times, may oversell their rooms just as the airlines may oversell flights. In overbooking cases, compensation and arranging accommodations in another hotel is the responsibility of the hotel and passengers must negotiate all compensation with the hotel during the stay and not make Trip Corner.com responsible for any financial compensation due to the overbooking situation.

Trip Corner.com is not responsible for any changes initiated by the passenger after departure.

Our prices do not include additional expenses such as laundry, parking, alcoholic beverages (except when included), excess baggage charges, baggage insurance, meals (except as indicated in itineraries), items of a personal nature, tips and gratuities of any kind.

We do not accept hotel points to pay for accommodations. In the same way, clients may NOT accumulate points with their hotel programs when booking via Trip Corner.com.

We will not refund monies for dissatisfaction with the conditions of a property, its rooms, facilities or services.

Please note that local taxes may be incurred depending on the city of accommodation. These taxes are to be paid to the hotel directly as they are considered a local tax.

Sightseeing Tours

Some of our packages may not include sightseeing tours. Sightseeing tours are optional services you may add to your itinerary while building your package.

Sightseeing tours are operated by independent local tour operators. Some Tour Operators may include a hotel pick up, while others may require that you meet the tour group at a particular location.

Some tours do not operate every day of the week. Some tours do not operate on holidays (i.e. Easter, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Year's Eve and New Year's day).

Pick up times and locations will be listed on your travel vouchers.

Even though a hotel pick up may not be included in the tour description (and therefore it is not included in our price), some Tour Operators may provide a "free/complimentary" hotel pick up, if the hotel is located close to their Meeting Point or in the historic center. Tour Operators do not provide us with a list of the hotels where they can or cannot offer this complimentary service. Depending on the country you are visiting Clients must contact our vendor 24 hours before their sightseeing tour to find out if a hotel pick up can be arranged. If for any reason passengers miss the free/complimentary pick up, or if for any reason the tour operator fails to show up, they are NOT entitled to a refund for the hotel transfer.


In most destinations, itineraries do NOT include transfers. Transfers are optional services you can add to your itinerary during the booking process. We offer shared and private transfers at most destinations. Some cities are serviced by several airports, therefore several transfer options will be offered. Please select the one that fits your flight itinerary

2. Our Advertisements

Advertised package prices are expressed in US dollars, per person based on double hotel occupancy (twin sharing). Suggested travel dates for advertised packages are informed as a reference only. Prices are displayed based on availability at the time the advertisement was created. Prices are always subject to change.

3. Package Price - Before A Reservation Is Created

All prices are in US dollars.

Prices for vacation packages are subject to change without notice.

Prices are dynamic in nature, subject to availability and subject to fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

Customized itineraries must be booked immediately once created online in order to hold the correct price and availability.

4. Package Price - Once You Have A Booking Number

All prices are in US dollars.

The final package price is based on what you selected during your booking process. Please verify that you selected all land services that you would like to purchase.

The package prices, flights, hotel availability, attraction and service availability, or dates of travel are not guaranteed until your payment has been processed and charged.

If for some reason, a hotel fails to confirm, we will advise you as soon as possible with alternatives. Your credit card will not be charged until all hotels are confirmed.

Trip Corner.com reserves the right to correct an error in any price or itinerary prior to processing your payment. Such errors could be human or computer originated. In that event, you will be informed by email and will be given the option to approve the correct price/itinerary or cancel your booking without any penalties.

In the event that your booked itinerary prices at a lower or higher rate in the future, Trip Corner.com will not be able to honor a discount or impose an additional collection to match the new market price.

5. Passport, Visas And Travel Permits

All travel documents are the responsibility of the passenger. A valid passport with at least 6 months validity after the date of travel is required.
You are responsible for checking with the appropriate consulates and respective authorities as visas and/or vaccinations may be required.
Note that our agents cannot be expected to know all documentation requirements for your trip. No refunds will be entertained for passengers who cannot embark on an aircraft due to incomplete documentation such as lack of passports or visas or affidavits for minors traveling alone or with only one parent.
Keep in mind that entry requirements may vary for US-Citizens and Non US-Citizens.

6. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is highly recommended.

Travel insurance is an optional, not mandatory item. You are responsible for selecting to accept or decline the travel insurance at the time you purchase your package.

Insurance must be purchased with the package and can only be added before your booking is processed.

We highly recommend buying Travel Insurance.

7. Payments

We accept all major credit cards issued in the US and Canada. Please note all prices are reflected in US dollars.

Your credit card statement may reflect more than one entry: one from each airline and other entries from Trip Corner. All entries will sum up your total package price.

If a debit/check card is submitted by the client we are not responsible for any bank overdraft fees or any other charges that might be charged by your bank.

MULTIPLE CREDIT CARDS: If you want to pay for your vacation package by more than one credit card then please contact our vacation specialist with payment details.

The fact that we allow clients to pay in parts is irrelevant to these terms and conditions. The obligation for the client to us is the whole amount of the booking at the time of booking regardless how much of the booking has been paid to us. Cancellation penalties will be based on the whole amount of the booking not on partial payments processed at the time of cancellation. If the cancellation penalties exceed what we have been paid, then you agree for us to charge your credit card to cover any unpaid cancellation fees.

8. Travel Vouchers And Shipping Of Travel Documents

Most of our documents can be delivered in digital form. Allow 2 - 3 business days after full payment is processed to receive a final confirmation email with attached travel vouchers. Those vouchers are your proof of payment for vendors. You must print your vouchers and carry them with you during the trip to render services with the final provider (hotels, tour operators, car rental companies, etc).

Travel vouchers are emailed to the email address listed in your booking form page. Please use one email address only.

Our vouchers will show Trip Corner.com as the official issuer of services. Train tickets and certain airline tickets cannot be provided in the form of a ticket-less voucher and need to be issued as hard paper copies. In those cases, we will courier your hard copies approximately 30 days before departure.

Delivery addresses must be street addresses. No P.O. boxes will be accepted. Mailing fees apply.

Some train tickets are issued 10-15 days before departure. In those cases, train tickets are couriered within one week of departure.

If you failed to include the shipping fee in your package, we will add the appropriate shipping charges to the cost of the trip. Please note: additional fees apply for Saturday, early morning delivery or other situations. Additional fees apply for international shipping as well.

Passengers are responsible of informing of any changes/corrections to their address. Trip Corner.com is not responsible for travel documents delivered to the wrong address and therefore being lost or stolen.

9. Name Changes

Names on reservations must match the information included in your passport(s).

You are responsible for providing us with your legal first and last names as they are shown on your passport.

Once your package is processed, name changes are NOT allowed. Vacation packages are not transferable. Airlines and other providers do not allow name changes on their tickets.

You cannot change the name on an airline/train/mini-package ticket or give the ticket to someone else to use.

In the event you provide us with the wrong name(s) for your reservation, then you agree to cancel such reservation applying all involved penalties and repurchase services with the price available at that time. For further details on cancellation procedures, review our CANCELLATIONS section in our Terms and Conditions.

10. Changes To Existing Reservations

Package changes include: date changes, cancellation/modification of a single component of your package and departure time changes for the same date on airline or train tickets.

All changes must be requested in writing to TripCorner.com. Changes cannot be made online.

Trip Corner.com, unlike many other agencies, does not charge its clients any fees for revisions or cancellations. But our suppliers do and as their agency we must charge you for those supplier fees.

Please submit your request to reservations@tripcorner.com or call us at 1-800-200-8747.

a. Airlines

All airline tickets are non-refundable once ticketed.

In general, airlines allow changes as long as the original air reservation has been cancelled prior to departure. Some airlines require 24 hours to cancel the original schedule to be able to process a change on their tickets. Some airlines require that you select a new travel date and exchange tickets before the original travel date. Some airlines allow you to use tickets for a future exchange up to one year from the original ticketed date, provided the air reservation is cancelled prior to departure. Some airlines do not allow any changes at all, not even paying a fee. Some tickets are not re-routable.

When changes are permitted, all segments in ticket status must show as OPEN to process an exchange.
Airline change fees apply according to the airline fare rules plus any fare difference that may increase. Change fees vary between airlines. Fare rules may vary within one airline.

Name changes are not allowed. You cannot exchange a ticket from one airline to another. Trip Corner.com does not control the fees set by the airline and have no authority to waive them.

If your trip has already started, you may contact the airline directly to make changes to your reservation. The airline will provide you with instructions on exchanging your original ticket when you confirm your new itinerary.

As a general reference, airlines penalties for changes start from $250 and up, depending on the carrier.

b. Hotels

The closer to your departure date that you change, the more likely that there will be higher penalties. Hotel penalties vary between properties. Each property and each hotel supplier may establish different conditions for changes.

For multiple room reservations, we may use 2 or more suppliers. In those cases, each supplier may apply different change penalties for the same property. Note that, depending on the season, some hotel reservations may not be changeable at all (fairs, conventions, special events, Holidays, New Years, Christmas, etc). However, passengers must agree to the new price IN WRITING (by e-mail) before we process any hotel changes. We do NOT accept approvals on the phone. Any refunds (and penalties) resulting to the change will not be known to us for at least three business days by the supplier. Therefore, we will not be able to apply any monies towards your changes.

e. Sightseeing tours and Transfers

The closer to your departure date that you change, the more likely there will be higher penalties. Changing/Cancelling within 10 days may result in non refundable tours or transfers.

11. Air Schedule Changes (Involuntary)

Involuntary changes or cancellations to flight numbers, flight times or flight dates are called "schedule changes".

These are changes created by the airlines due to reorganization of their flight itineraries and/or change of equipment.

Trip Corner.com is not responsible for airlines schedule changes. The airline has the right to adjust/change and cancel flights up to the day of departure.

We are not responsible for any misconnections that the airlines might cause. We are not liable for cancelled flights, flights that are missed or flights with misconnection due to any airline scheduled changes. We are not able to compensate for hotel overnights if such may occur due to an airline schedule change.

Trip Corner.com may assist you informing of schedule changes, but it is ultimately your responsibility to coordinate with the airline directly any changes that might affect your travel. In a gesture of good will and in lieu of your satisfaction, Trip Corner.com will act as an agent between you and the airline in order to assist you in fixing some schedule changes.

If the airline is providing a full refund due to major schedule change; you will be responsible for the purchase of the new ticket with another carrier. Money transfer from airline to another is not allowed. Airline refunds may take between 6-8 weeks.

12. Cancellations

A cancellation is defined as the voluntary termination of an entire trip and is requested BEFORE the original travel date. We must receive cancellation notices in writing. Verbal cancellations are not accepted. Cancellations cannot be made online. Please submit your request to reservations@tripcorner.com or call us at 1-800-200-8747.

Trip Corner.com cancellation fee:

We do not charge cancellation fees of our own, only those the suppliers apply to your booking.

Each supplier has its own conditions and penalties for cancellations. Supplier's conditions are subject to change without previous notice' therefore we can only explain in a general way some of those penalties, as follows:

a. Airlines

All Airline Tickets are non-refundable. Changes will be permitted as long as the reservation has been canceled 48 hours prior to departure (see changes for more information).

Exceptions: Due to Death or Medical - If the airline rules permit to request a refund it is up to the airline to evaluate your case and process a Full and/or Partial refund in the event of a Death or Medical related reason. The airline will require proof such as a death certificate, military deployment letter and/or a medical certificate. Reservations must be cancelled prior to ticketed departure date in order to request a refund to airlines.

A "No Show" is considered no notification to cancel or change prior to check-in time. “No Show” tickets do not have any value.

If there is a need to cancel one direction, we must cancel both directions. Should the cancellation occur before departure as needed, a request for a refund will be made by Trip Corner on your behalf to the airline. If required to issue new ticket, you will be liable for the fare differences and rebooking fee as per the airlines rule.

b. Hotels

Hotels have different cancellation penalties according to the dates of stay at hotel and others. For example, stricter cancellation penalties are imposed during high season dates such as peak winter, peak summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc., special events, etc.

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