Privacy Policy



At TripCorner (“we”, “us”, “our”, “TripCorner”) are committed to protecting your privacy and safeguard your information. 


Our staff keeps their privacy secured, your privacy too is important to TripCorner. With all this, we have established information handling practices at TripCorner and believe we are consistent with best practices and highest standards of an organization doing business on the Internet.


This Privacy Policy (“Policy” or “privacy policy”) applies to the collection, disclosure, or use of Personal Information by TripCorner, including the practices, when and how we collect the information, and what happens to this information. 


Personal Information is information that discloses your identity as an individual. This sort of information doesn’t include business contact information. TripCorner has prepared the detailed Privacy Policy because we believe our customers should have an informed idea about our practices on the website about the extent of your use of our facilities. 

This Privacy Policy applies to any sort of use of the website, any booking, or any services made from the United States. We may determine your location via IP address or Personal Information provided by you to us.


Simple words

TripCorner takes all the reasonable steps that help to protect your Personal Information we collect from you.

TripCorner doesn’t enclose any sort of Personal Information to a third party, unless you permit us to do so, or if required to do by law.

·         We collect Personal Information by fair and lawful means (when one does register with us).

·         We collect Personal Information directly from you or the third party, only with your consent or if permitted by law. 

·         TripCorner allows you to view, remove or correct all the Personal Information in a written request and under applicable law


Our Privacy Policy

We understand your concern and only use your data when required. We collect the data and use it only after obtaining your consent. We generally collect the data and use only in the following cases:

·         To process your orders;

·         To allow us to provide you with meaningful and useful marketing and sales initiatives;

·         To provide the requested service, and register your engagement with TripCorner;

·         To know your location, whether the services are applicable for your orders or not;

·         To collect your suggestions, opinions, and comments regarding TripCorner’s operation;

·         To manage your account with TripCorner;

·         To investigate legal claims;

·         To investigate the insurance claims;

·         To conduct analytics to know about web traffic and effective marketing strategy;

·         To investigate or dispute chargeback claims, including the recordings of customer service calls;

·         To protect against fraud;

·         To administrate TripCorner website and software application;

·         To obtain consent, from time to time;

·         Other uses, such as permitted or required by law.


Scrutinizing our website content 

Without revealing your identity, you can visit our website. When one does visit our website, we do collect useful information, but it is not anonymously linked to you as an individual.

We use this data to study how well our site is performing, who are navigating our website, how many visitors and from where are customers accessing our website, the time people spend on our website, the variety of searches, the computer operating system and types of browsers used by visitors and IP addresses from which customers connect our website.


Usually, all this information is collected by Internet server software on websites. 

TripCorner uses all this information to improve the content on our site, such as, providing easy access that helps you enjoy the services at your fingertips.


Third-party advertisers

Internet marketing companies advertise and TripCorner, in the future might do so and have a third-party advertiser on the website. Third-party advisers use some pixel tags and cookies and this only helps them to gather the information that is of your interest (such as the location you’re searching).

TripCorner does not share any Personal Information with a Third-Party advertiser and we do not share this with anyone unless you give us specific permission.


You need to provide separate permission other than the registration process request, to allow us to share the data with a third-party advertiser.


The advertisers use combined information from our site and other sites that you visit and advertise the goods and services that you might be interested to see. These Privacy Policies do not cover any practices of third-party advertisers.


Traveler Profile

TripCorner creates your Personal Information into Traveler Profile.


We add all the relevant data to your “Traveler Profile” from the data we have and also from outside sources such as itineraries from airline companies. We collect all the information in your Traveler Profile and improve the quality of service we provide you and the experience you get with us. 


To make it clear,

·         We combine the information in your Traveler Profile to communicate with you regarding the changes to travel plans

·         Personalize the services we provide you

·         Combine the resources and provide your experience with our website as efficiently as possible.

·         Personal information such as registering

If you prefer registering with us, we collect the Personal Information that you provide us. We collect the information that is necessary and helps to provide the details of the services we provide. As mentioned, the Personal Information that we collect includes email, date of birth, payment information, personal preferences, name, and telephone number.


Contest and online services

We value the comments and opinions and from time to time, we invite you to register to our site and participate in online surveys, you can totally deny it and its your choice. 

Each time, you book or reserve travel services or any other service from our site, you're asked for suggestions and feedback on your experience. Your participations help us, this survey helps us to know better about the loopholes in our services.

Participating in sponsoring contests increases the chances of winning travel-related prizes. While one does choose to participate in the survey, the details such as e-mail address, full name, and mailing address are shared by you. We use these surveys to notify you when you win the service or to provide you with an alert about the next contest.



As a part of promotional activities, we do give you a choice whether you want to receive updates, advertisements, and promotions via e-mail. If one does choose to receive these e-mails then we ensure they are informative and we design them as per your travel preference and show you the advertisement that that includes our recommendations as per your specifications. 

·         You should inform us, if you don’t want us to use your e-mail address to deliver you

·         Deals or updates regarding special flights, promotional offers, or new travel opportunities

·         Monthly newsletter when they’re available

·         Highlights about the promotion, contests, and travel opportunities available on our website or sponsored by our travel service provider.


If you don’t wish to receive any promotions from our side, ensure you do unsubscribe link including email message we send you. TripCorner provides you an option wherein if you’re a registered member, you can choose to modify it as per your choice any time on the account management page.


Payment and travel history

People registered with TripCorner can book, purchase, or reserve travel services or accommodations through our website without any hassle. 

·         To do so, you need to provide us the information such as credit card, expiration date, billing address, and cardholder name and billing name or address. 

·         We do gather this information for your Traveler Profile.

·         We do maintain all the history of reservations, purchase of travel services, accommodations, and bookings to our site in your Traveler Profile. Unless you choose to edit the profile, we do not change any details.


Changing or Removal of personal information

We do commit to give you control of your Personal Information. If you’re registered with TripCorner, then you can change your password and certain details in your Traveler Profile. If you find it hectic to do on your own, you can contact us at 800-200-8747


If you submit any written request to review any Personal Information regarding the utilized, disclose, or collected data, we do provide you such Personal information in an understandable manner but only required by law.


We provide you the information only after we request you to provide us sufficient identification to permit access to the existing data. We do not charge any cost for it without providing you with an estimate of approximate costs if any.


We assure you that the Personal Information is kept complete, up-to-date, and accurate as possible, we do not keep updating the data unless it is necessary. We expect you to supply the required details to keep your Personal Information up-to-date. 


Sharing of Personal information

Usually, we only disclose the Personal Information of customers to those Travel providers whom you choose to make arrangements via our site. For example, if you book airplane tickets or accommodations then your required Personal Information is needed to be processed. We try all the possible ways to keep your Personal Information protected with us.


Other than everything explained in this Policy, we will not disclose your Personal Information without your permission, except in the limited circumstance such as

·         Required by governmental security regulations

·         To protect the security of our website under our Terms and Conditions of use

·         In response to legal process

·         If we believe, the law requires it

·         In response to legal process

·         In the event such as change of sale, liquidation, ownership, acquisition of the corporation, reorganization, and merger, Personal information is transferred as part of the negotiation process of the transaction, unless the party receiving Personal Information agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.


Travelers' information shared with traveler providers is only communicated to security agencies of the country under the local legal requirement. If any travelers from the US or to the US may capture by the US Homeland Security Agency, this data is stored for up to 50 years and this information is only shared with other U.S. Government Agencies.


How we protect customer’s information?

We are committed to safeguarding your information. We use security technology that helps to keep your personal sensitive data safe with us.

Only the employees who need access to personal information to perform their duties are provided with access.


Do not track 

Our website does not change its behavior when customers opt for “do not track” signals.


Notification of changes

The privacy policy was updated on 04-12-2020

Any changes made to the privacy policy are mentioned along with its date on our website.


Contact us

If you have any concerns regarding the Policy or any information handling practices, you can contact our Chief Privacy Offer us at We will respond to your queries or concerns within 30 days after we receive them. 




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